Industrial RO Plant

As you know that water plays a very important and we must understand water must be healthy and pure.  The requirement of Industrial RO Plant increased day by day.

The basic requirement is that the water used in process or employee drinking is safe and meeting the required standards. Hence we provide the best quality RO Filter Plants.

Industrial RO Plant Machine ranges from 250 LPH to 50000 LPH according to the client requirement. We have a specialized team for providing various types of water plants and their automation. We use a state of the art design and the best raw material and parts to ensure that the product is meeting the high-quality requirement and hence the life of the product is also very long.

RO Plant Manufacturer

We as RO Plant Manufacturer design the new and latest products of reverse osmosis plants which are the best and long life.

Even the space requirement is very low since they are very compact. We take the utmost care for RO manufacturing. So that the plant won’t give any problems while using.

Industrial RO plant price

Check out for our Main RO plant price.

250 LPH RO Plant Price

500 LPH RO Plant Price

1000 LPH RO Plant Price

2000 LPH RO Plant Price

5000 LPH RO Plant Price

Industrial RO Plant Service and AMC

Soni Enterprises can also provide you the AMC and Operation and Maintenance facility for your existing RO system or water treatment plant. So if you have the requirement of AMC or O&M kindly contact us.

Our Specialization

Our RO Plants consume low energy and provide a high amount of product water. So it gives less reject water.
We have added the extra features to each plant. It would have different mineral and alkaline features also. Hence the water would be pure and healthy.

We also have a mini RO Plant for the need for offices and establishments. You can also check our commercial RO Plant.