Battery Water Plant


    250 LPH Plant Product Details:

    Minimum Order Quantity1 Unit
    Plant ApplicationBattery Water Plant
    Installation/Civil WorkIncluded
    Antiscalant Dosing PumpYes
    Automatic GradeAutomatic
    Capacity (Liter/hour)250 (Liter/hour)
    Number of Membranes in RO1
    Material of Construction SkidStainless Steel
    Voltage Requirement220 V


    The Battery Water Plant is in high demand nowadays for starting a new battery water business or for other purposes where high purity water is required. Hense it is very essential to cross check all aspect when you select a supplier or manufacturer for battery water prohject.

    We design the plants in accordance with the standards & requirements of a particular industry or business.

    At Soni Enterprises we manufactured the high-quality Battery Water system with state of art technologies. We understand the requirement from clients and provide a customized solution with different industry requirements.

    Furthermore, we always believe in the customer delight model and provide our best in terms of our product and after-sales services.

    Main Features Battery Water Plant:

    High Purity Water – Many a clients came us who have already got thier battery water plant purchased from some where else and it was not providing the desired water purity. So we have we identified the problem as well as upgraded their plants. So buy only from authentic supplier or manufacturer who can provide desired water quality.

    Low Energy Consumption – Energy is a very costly resource and also has a high impact on the environment hence Our water purifiers are designed to consume less energy because we use the best quality electrical components and pumps.

    Durable Product – We believe in providing the best quality products. We ensure high-quality standards at every stage of production and at the Battery Water Plant Design stage hence this  Battery Water Plant is a durable product and requires very little maintenance.

    Non–Corrosive – The skid provides with this Battery Water Plant is made up of stainless steel. So the product is corrosion free unlike other brands with MS or powder-coated frames.

    Installation and Services – We provide free installation for our Battery Water System. Our products are having a year’s warranty so you can order without any hesitation.

    Special Features:

    • Energy-efficient design so less power consumption
    • Low wastage hence become environment-friendly
    • Further more we design the plant according to standards hence require low maintenance

    Main Usage:

    • Business for Battery Water Selling. Check the following link for Govt. Facility for this battery water project. 
    • Battery Water for Industries so that they can use it whereever required.
    • Water of high purely for Other Process.

    Battery Water Plant Price:

    Here we have offered the very best cost for Battery Water Plant price and you can compare plant prices in India, further you can contact us for more details and  Quotation. We provide a quotation within 2 hours, please give us a call or send us your details.

    Parameters of Battery Water : 

    Characteristics Requirement
    Manganese (as Mn), mg/kg,  max.0.1
    Sulfate residue on ignition, mg/kg,  max.10
    Chloride content (as CI), mg/kg10
    Ammoniacal nitrogen (as NH), mg/kg, max.10
    Nitrogen oxides (as N) mg/kg, max.10
     Iron (as Fe), mg/kg, max.10
    Copper (as Cu), mg/kg max.5
     Conductivity in μohms per cm, at 27 °C max.1



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