50 LPH RO Plant


Product Details:

50 LPH RO Plant Specification

Storage CapacityNill
Plant ApplicationCommercial RO Plant
Installation/Civil WorkIncluded
Inlet FittingYes
Automatic GradeAutomatic
RO Capacity (Liter/hour) 50 LPH (Liter/hour)
Number of Membranes in RO4
SkidStainless Steel
Voltage Requirement220 V

Special Features:

  • Energy-efficient design so less power consumption
  • low wastage hence become environment-friendly
  • We design the plant according to standards hence require low maintenance


Main Usage:

  • School, College, and other educational institutes.
  • Restaurants and Hotels
  • For Industrial and business purposes like corporate offices, Manufacturing plants, Pharmaceutical purposes also.
  • Commercial buildings and malls etc.


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Purification Technology: This 50 LPH RO Plant based on RO technology with high-efficiency membranes so that you get highly pure water and less wastage. Additional technology in this can be UV, UF, and Alkaline which will further enhance the performance.

Prefiltration: Before RO there are three stages of prefiltration so RO which will ensure that the membrane is getting prefiltered water. It will increase the life of the membrane.

Carbon and Post Carbon:  This will further enhance the taste of water and remove chlorine and smell from the water.

Pumps and Adoptor: We use high-quality pumps and adapters which ensure the required pressure is met and there is not an electrical failure.

LPH and HPS: Low-pressure switch and high-pressure switch prevent the breakdown of the RO system due to low water of extra high pressure.

Max Duty Cycle: This 50 LPH RO system can be used to get 500-600 liters of pure water on a daily basis.

TDS Regulator: This RO Water Purifier is provided an advanced TDS regulator.

Auto Cut OFF: An added advantage of the plant is that it is having a fully automatic cut off function which will automatically switch off the machine when it is connected with a tank, dispenser, or water cooler.

High-Quality RO Membranes: We use high-quality membranes in the system so that you can get hassle-free purification without any breakdown.

Why Soni Enterprises

We are experts in commercial RO water plants and design commercial and industrial plants from 25 LPH to 50000 LPH. At Soni Enterprises we also have various varieties of 50 LPH RO Water Plant as per the technologies like RO+UV+UF+Mineral.

We provide customized solutions to the client for their best utilization. These are designed in accordance with industry standards and extensively used in the commercial and domestic sectors.

Main Features 50 LPH RO Plant:

Low Energy Consumption – Our water purifiers are designed to consume less energy than other RO water purifiers. Since we use the best quality electrical components and pumps.

Low Maintenance – We believe in providing the best quality products. We ensure high-quality standards at every stage of production and hence this 50 LPH RO Plant is a durable product.

Non–Corrosive – The skid provides with this 50 LPH RO system is made up of stainless steel. So the product is corrosion free unlike other brands with MS or powder-coated frames.

Mineral and Alkaline – Being the health of our customers at our topmost priority we provide alkaline water purifiers with mineral technology without adding chemicals. Hence the water purifier generates water that is healthy as well as pure.

Installation and Services – We provide free installation for our RO water plants. You will warranty for our products which include a free repairing service for that time period as well. Aquafresh is ready to entertain you with pure and safe water supply. If you want to order then contact us before it gets late.


  • S.S. skid for long life
  • Tabletop or wall mounting hence easy to install.
  • 50 LPH product capacity
  • LPS protection for dry pump or low water condition
  • Based on advance Reverse Osmosis technology
  • High-quality Pump & Adaptors so long life and best quality
  • High-quality membranes, components, and filter cartridges.


50 LPH RO Water Purifier Price:

Here we have offered a very best cost for RO Water Plant 50 LPH Price. furthermore, you can contact us for more details about the product and get the best quotation for your office. You can compare the price all over India.

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Detailed Specification 50 LPH RO Plant:





Micron Rating


20” Jumbo

20” String Wound

05 Micron





FRP Food Grade


Pressure 500 psi


Type of Membrane



Thin Film Composite

75 GPD



02 Nos.

Type of Pump



Dow Flow


Flow Controller

– 4
SKID        SS
PIPINGHigh-Pressure pipeline


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