Dow Filmtech Membrane 8040 Bw30-400

DOW FILMTECH RO Membrane 804o-BW30-400

FILMTEC 8040 BW30-400 membrane is used for reverse osmosis plants where we phase challenges related to the water treatment and seeking consistent, high performance and long membrane life.

Filmtech RO membrane can be used in brackish water purification to specialty separations, elements in the FilmTec portfolio which gives high, and cost-effective, performance because it can

  • Tolerate a wide range of operating conditions.
  • Operate at lower pressure with high efficiency
  • It has pH stability and Maintains an excellent structural framework
  • Resist bacterial growth and increase membrane life.
  • Produce excellent membrane flux and salt rejection.


Dow Filmtech RO membrane 8040 Description

Dow Filmtech RO Membrane 8040 -BW30-400: is a membrane used for many years in the industries.

  • Film tech membrane gives high quality permeate water and hence minimizing unit cost
  • It offers the most effective cleaning performance, robustness, and durability due to its widest cleaning pH range (1 – 13) tolerance.
  • Support of Dow technical representatives.

Filmtech RO Membrane 8040 Ideal for:

reverse osmosis of plants of  2000 LPH and more capacity and provide consistent TDS reduction, high performance, and long membrane life.

Typical Applications

  • Reverse Osmosis Plants
  • Potable Water Plants
  • Pure Water Plants
  • Process Water

Main Industries 

  • Pharma
  • Food
  • Electrochemical
  • Automobile
  • Chemical Processing
  • Metal Finishing
  • Corporate Offices
  • Facilities Buildings

Greater salt rejection and higher productivity
FilmTec reverse osmosis membrane elements are very effective at industrial process water treatment. In many industrial systems, RO elements also serve as pretreatment for ion exchange (IX) resin beds. Because of its exceptional properties, FilmTec technology can help lower capital investment, reduce operating costs, and allow for greater flexibility for future system expansion.

Dow Filmtech Portfolio elements

These can work well for process water treatment include:

Dow filmtech RO membrane 8040 is brackish water elements and has a high-active membrane surface area that produces 99.5 percent salt rejection performance.

FilmTec low-energy brackish water elements are designed for low pressure and specifically to meet the emerging demand for in lower-pressure RO system. Hence these elements can help in reducing the working expenses without compromising salt rejection and high productivity.

Dow FilmTech 8040 Membrane used in RO Plant and these reverse osmosis membrane elements that are also installed before ion exchange beds, which help in reducing the salt level before the DM plant and hence also reduce the cost of DM plant operation.

Boiler Make-Up Water:

Moreover Dow filmtech membrane also use in water for boiler makeup water since these elements remove silica, TDS, and total organic carbon (TOC), which extend the life of the resins and lowering chemical regeneration usage, waste handling, and maintenance costs.

Double Pass and Single Pass RO System:

Dow FilmTec RO membrane elements that are also used in double-pass RO systems, hence it produces high-purity water in a continuous process; where the requirement is with less stringent water-purity requirements, these elements can be used cost-effectively in single-pass RO systems as well.

We also offer RO Membrane for domestic water purifiers. 

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