CSM RO Membrane 80 GPD

CMS Domestic RO Membrane 75 & 80 GPD

Product Description

Product Dimensions:30.5 x 5.1 x 5.1 cm

Weight : 322 g

Size : 12 inch

Make : CSM Korea

TDS : 2200 PPM





CSM RO Membrane 80 GPD

  • Csm 80 GPD Water Purifier Membrane
  • Higher Tds Rejection Capacity Works Up-To 2200 Ppm
  • Reduce Tds Upto 97%
  • Best Price
  • Low fouling rate
  • High durability
  • Low rejection

Buy CSM RO Membrane at best Price

At Soni water care we provide original CSM membrane and are leading suppliers for RO membranes. We are based at Delhi NCR and supplier RO membrane all over India.

You can contact us for any of your requirements for Domestic RO membranes. You can also book our RO service for changing the RO membrane.

CSM 80 GPD RO membrane is the best for most of the domestic water purifiers. It is a durable membrane and having low rejection water. It also gives more than 95% of TDS reduction and can work up to 2200 TDS water.

It also comes in csm ro membrane 75 gpd. SO you can select the same on the basis of your requirement.

How to Take Care of Membrane: 

Normally the membrane can run up to 1.5 to 2 years. But it can deteriorate within a few months also if care is not provided to the membrane. So the following are some points on how the care for the membrane to be done.

  • Provide prefilter to the RO purifier.
  • Use the membrane flushing technique if you are not aware of it check from your RO service provide
  • Get the service regularly.
  • Check the FR (Flow Restrictor) regularly if it is checked change it.

This will give an improvement in the life of your RO membrane and hence it will save you money. Hope this technique will help you.

You can also check Filmtech 75 GDP RO membrane for domestic water purifiers.

We also have RO membrane for Industrial RO Plants.