Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

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    Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser

    During the COVID-19, we have developed the Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser. This Sanitizer Dispenser can be a tool to fight against the virus spread.

    This Sanitizer dispenser can dispense the liquid sanitizer without Touch. At one time it will dispense 2-3 ml of sanitizer. So this can also save the sanitizer amount.


    • Spray Type: Liquid Sanitizer
    • Tank Capacity: 10 liters.
    • Nozzle Type: Brass
    • Mist Type: Fine Mist
    • Flow Rate: 2-3 ml per cycle


    Main Features of Sanitizer Dispenser:
    1. No Hand Touch: This automatic hand sanitizer dispenser can dispense the sanitizer without touch so safe to use.
    2. Fully Automatic: This is fully automatic and doesn’t require any manual process.
    3. Very Fine Mist: It will provide very fine mist which will spread very easily.
    4. Brass Nozzle: It comes with a brass nozzle and hence it is durable.
    5. Plug and Play: This doesn’t require any installation, this is just a plug and play model.
    6. Easy to Install and Hang: This can be easily hanged with the help of two screws only.
    7. No Maintenance: No special maintenance required for this.
    8. Safe to Operate: Quite safe to operate.
    9. High Durability: Having all the standard quality part and durable products.
    10.High-Quality Sensor: The sensor provided with this is very high quality and also can be set for different distances.

    Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Usage:
    Railway Station
    Bus Stand
    Societies etc.

    As per Worldometer the COVID-19 is still spreading very fast so we need protection against this.

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